The Brat Pack & 80’s movies

Last night they are showing the Breakfast Club and this is one of my all time favourite 80’s bratt pack movie. The others are Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles (only didn’t like St.Elmo’s Fire for some reason) so what’s your favorite brat pack movie ????? My other favourites from the 80’s are The Outsiders; I sooo love that poem “nothing gold can stay” by Robert frost (up until today I can still recite it !) & the outsiders gang, I had a big crush on C. Thomas Howell funny enough I didn’t notice Tom Cruise at all. And because of this movie I read and have all of S.E. Hintons great novels. Also big fave is Ferris Buellers day off (love that song from the parade)!

Bring back memories ?
C’mon don’t be shy if you’ve not posted before go ahead tell me what you’re favourites were, you can post in dutch if you like, no rules or regulations on a blog !

ps. Recovering a bit, still find everything exhausting, am not hungry at all (good for 2 kilo’s less in weight …) but better than days ago (and the house is clean & neat big yeah for Monika !)


  1. Anonymous

    hahaha die films herinner ik me ook nog wel 🙂 leuke films. Niet echt eentje die er helemaal uitspringt van die tijd eigenlijk, ja ik vond Streets of Fire een hele mooie film met Micheal Pare, oeh lekker ding was dat hahaha

    De foto’s die ik maak daar laat ik maar een paar van printen, die ik voor het scrappen gebruik of een album voor een portfolio, verder brand ik alles op schijfjes en leg ze aan de kant LOL

    gr Alette

  2. bookit

    well, my old favourites were all english, but i think you may have got them over here…
    i used to love bag puss, the big ppink fluffy cat…and the clangers, those little mouse like creatures that make funny noises with a green soup dragon!
    qhh…those were the days!

  3. Anonymous

    Ferris Buellers day off !!! I loved that movie so much, I taped the whole thing on a taperecorder back then, so I could listen to the music everytime I wanted to on my walkman. Damn, that film was cool. But the most impressive film I saw was Over The Edge with Matt Dillon. I think it´s even a movie of the late seventies and it´s about some kids (early teens) who kill themselves at the end of the movie. It made a big impression on me back then. And as a teenager I loved everything with Matt in it, even if he died 😀

  4. Janna

    i’d have to say outsiders as well. pony boy… yeah… loved it! and i read hinton’s other works after that, too. but my favourite movie of that time had to be ‘stand by me’, remember? will wheaton, river phoenix, corey feldman, jerry o’connell and even keifer sutherland… loved it.

    woohoo, now THAT was a blast from the past!!


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