Good news, Bad news & other news

Ok so this was a week filled with, good news, bad news and other news.

Revlie has decided to leave my design team to go on to bigger and better things, which is a shame as she just joined but hey that’s life you win some you lose some… But we will keep in touch and we will see each other again in November.

But then again for every bad bit of news there’s always some good news. Angelique has finally started her own weblog (I thing I nagged her so much she caved in I think …teehee) and my friends operation was this week and sofar went really well so we are happy about that !

On another note I desperately need truckloads of choc chip cookies with my herbal tea and I want it now (ok so you all know the score I need not say more ….) but I have some really cool books to go with that :

Colin’s b’day is coming up and we thought up some really cool invites for the party this weekend ( I think you get the theme ?) :

Although the cake will not be in that theme as Colin decided he wanted a chocolate Jip & Janneke Cake and we roped grandpa Jan in for that one as he said it wouldn’t be hard at all to find a chocolate cake like that (little did he KNOW haha <= insert evil laughter here … week before C’s birthday I reminded grandpa Jan and 5 bakery’s later … he found one that will do it …. hahaha) Yep the HEMA only makes regular J&J cakes and don’t ask me why C decided to interfear with the Dora theme but there was no stopping this little dude …

This is Jip & Janneke :

Really cute and they do very naughty things, we have cd’s with their stories in the car, sometimes I think C’s too inspired by them …


  1. Anonymous

    I have those books to!! Elsie and Ali Rock!!! the one of cz i dont have.
    love JJ to , only my kids dont. ( hey what do they know )

    greetz Tanja

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