1st day of School

Just thought I’d share this , here’s a pic I take every year of Michael on the 1st day of school. Ed decided I should have mine taken too ….

My first week at school was a breeze, very quiet since students weren’t taking classes yet. This week is another story… Had my first confrontation with some students who thought our learning centre was a meeting point and at 12.00 again they thought this was the lunch/coffee break point …. So I had to deal with them and that was no fun. I’m not that good with conflict situations at work (@ home no probs, with businesses/shops no probs but @ work ….I have no idea why that is ….) so I was shaking in my boots but it went well and after discussing with some colleagues they assured me I dealt with it in the proper way. But hey that’s my job now so I have to deal with it, I’m sure it will get better as I get more confidence how to deal with this.


  1. Petra

    Bij leerlingen werkt het eigenlijk hetzelfde als bij kinderen… Consequent zijn.
    Jij bent de baas en bepaald. Dus dat betekent dat zij zich te gedragen hebben en zint het ze niet, dan blijven ze maar weg. Maar moeten ze wel de consequenties dragen.

    Succes op school 🙂

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