Funfilled weekend for all

On Thursday Michael brought home a friend who would be staying over, meet “zwaai de logeerkraai” ( Zwaai the stayover crow) school project about caring for a guest. Zwaai was lucky as we had a sportsday (see him hanging in the bag ?) on friday and then the dudes went to grandma Xena and grandpa Jan for the weekend so he was sure to have loads of fun just as the kids alway have.

Saturday was fun for me as Martine and I were at the arts & crafts market in Hoofddorp to promote Memory Lane Scrapbooking. Even though a new scrapbookstore opened in Hoofddorp and the crafty market in Rijswijk was open on this same day we still had a lot of great people that came by !

I had a school reunion in the evening. We met at a tapas restaurant in Delft (this is where Angelique and I went to school at the time), then went for drinks and later dancing. Had such a wonderfull time, and while looking at school pictures it turned out we could have invited a much larger group because it turned out some of us still knew more classmates than they thought they did. So we will be planning this again but bigger, and I hope in the meantime we’ll repeat this evening !

And my dh, he enjoyed the quiet …..

So how was your weekend ?


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