Alliance Away

Ok maybe you’ve read about the scrapbook alliance away of how wonderful it was, the bonding, the laughs, the cries, the scrapbooking, the food etc. on other blogs, but …let me tell you the initiation was hard work ! I paid in blood, sweat and tears and I’m not only richer through experience(although I am missing Flo’s pressie, I hope when I unpack more I’ll find it …) but also poorer, the fee to get in was ridiculous. Didn’t know I had to pay so much, but hey all in the name of getting published right ? it was all worth it. Oh and I was so surprised when our secret guest showed up for a surprise workshop, so amazing how she inspired us to embrace our imperfection and go with the flow….

LOL just kidding hehe, so happy it was organized, Anita you rock ! and I wish I could be in the UK to give you and your sister lots of hugs right now ! Girls thanks for being patient taking my picture, next time I’ll be the supermodel like you beautifull darlings ! Thanks for all the sharing, like Bonette said, we are all richer to have such great new friends.

The projects we all made were great, even the last minute ones 😉 and I was amazed about the speed of some people, as you all know I am a scrapbooking snail …. but I finished some mini albums. So thankfull that my husband is such a cool dude and has no problem staying home with the kids … again … again and uhm again … so I can do what I love. He rocks too !
I am awaiting my dvd with photos (yes I packed almost everything I have but forgot a dvd/cd to burn the photo’s) but it should be here tommorow with thanks to Birgit.

So I will share my fave’s but here’s a great group photo of FAB scrapbooking babes


  1. Birgit

    Hi Daan! You crack me up with the first part of your entry today 🙂 I’m still anjoying the weekend by reading all the blogs, going through the pictures again an again and just sit and remember all the fun we had! Hope the DVD with the pictures arrives today!!

  2. Anonymous

    You were so right when you said: imagine sitting on the couch tonight grinning and giggling … hi hi hi !
    I am still giggling around my house and my husband asked when the next weekend will be (he’s probably tired of my giggles…)

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