one week

One week has gone by and I did get a lot from my list done, unfortunately not everything. I even added a thing, like switching to the new blogger, did you see ?

MLS news :

Have to start my Dutch Dare project for wednesday, I finally have an idea so I can get cracking tonight.

I have uploaded so many great products into the shop and have loads more to go. Next week I will continue as the boxes are not empty yet 😉

With all these new products I will have to add a lot more products to the sales section cause it just won’t fit …. In the next few weeks I will also be going through my own supplies/tools and start clearing out and putting some things for sale and making some RAKS and so on, you wouldn’t believe (well those that have been here do) what I’ve acummulated over the last few years.
1st thing for sale :
My cricut (I ordered the QK Silhouette to play with) and it’s going cheap ladies ! I have only used one mat so not used so much yet (I will supply a new one), 2 cartridges (xmas and doodle alfa) and a toolkit to be purchased for wholesale incl. btw (items can each be sold seperately). So if you are interested email me !
I also still have a Sizzix machine from a cancelled order for only 70 euro’s so if anyone is interested ?

What I can share, and oh and I’m delighted to say…. Jo-Anne will be joining the MLS team as of April 1st ! So be on the lookout for her on the MLS site and the dutch dares blog.

About me:

Running is going ok, I’ve been going about 2x a week, not too bad it’s a good start !

Plan to get some spring feeling going this week, got all the felt decoration Xenos had to offer to I can really go all out 😉

Some other things happened last week (which I can’t share yet) which made my life even more busier but is soooo funny, will share more next week about this.

I will leave you with this cute card Daphne sent me and yesterday she brought me a whole boxfull of this lovely tea (and let me tell you the teabags are so cute I hated opening it …..) from Mr. Jones. Thanks Daphne, you know what makes me happy 😉


  1. Anonymous

    Where to start LOL, very cool you switched blog! And very very happy to have Jo-Anne aboard! That card Daphne sent is so cool, must have those teabags… Good on you for running twice a week!

  2. Anonymous

    Like your new blog!! You’ve been busy!!! Saw taxes on your 2do and that reminds me that I still have to do them as well ahhhh I hate that, don’t know why because every year when I’ve done it I think, oh this is not so bad to do….well he, nice thing for the weekend 😀

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