mistakes & delays

I can be quite a critical person workwise (house, job and shop) about myself and others, I set high standards (I guess it has a bit to do with my sign Virgo…) and lately I’ve been having a hard time living up to them and still wanting to has been a difficult thing.

Because when I’m critisized I really find that hard, but it’s something I do to others tooo much. Something I am working on, being a bit less c, bit more mellow more and of course to admit when you’ve made a mistake as even the most critical person can do this too …. Gotta remember though to be less impulsive when admiting this, there’s a time and place for everything. Learning every day 😉

To everyone who left a message for a RAK plse provide me with your/their addresses as I want to start purging this weekend …. that’s going to be a tough job but hey it’s got to be done.


  1. Mirjam

    You have got to be critical in order to live you life to the max! But hey, I do know you now since a few months and you’ve always been gentle to me! Guess you’ve got both qualities!
    Have a good weekend and don’t forget my bill!

  2. Brigitta

    I recognize this virgo trait from my ex-husband. We’ve had big arguments over his perfectionism in the past, fine if you expect if from yourself, but it’s unfair to expect it from everybody else too. I can understand that it’s hard to let go of some of it, but nobody is perfect and nobody can be perfect. Life is so much easier when you give yourself (and others) a little space to make “mistakes”

  3. Anonymous

    Hoi, ik zag je reactie op mijn weblog, je hebt net de volgende LO gemist..hahaha
    Maar ik heb jouw webolg al eens bekeken, ik ben helemaal wég van de foto in jouw titelblog!!

  4. Anonymous

    I love people like you! I’m very much the same. Give a lot (comments included!) but not to fond of getting some (talking about comments again). Cause when you’re perfect how can anybody comment you?!
    But then again there is that little devil on your other shoulder screaming in your ear How dare you be so vain?! You little nothing!
    Pfff…. life is so confusing.
    Danielle get this from an expert: I think that trying to be perfect and expecting that from others too is not bad, it’s the way you do that makes the difference. Be good to yourself and others will be too!

    And comment me anytime you want! But PLEASE be gentle!!!

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