June Update part I

So I haven’t been sharing lot’s of photo’s lately but I will be making that

If you’re interested in what’s been going on in our lives then read on, if
not click away now and don’t look back.

We had a garden extreme make over, thank god for sweet parents who arranged it
all, all we had to do was make a plan and pick out tiles. Here are some way
before, during and current state pictures. Just a few more things need to be
done (mostly by us) and then it’s finished ! We hope to make our own
loungeset after our holiday in july…. Stay tuned for that adventure. Pic 1 left is the old situation (about 3 yrs ago), photo 2 right is demolition and so on ….. This weekend the playhouse will be back & some plants in pots and I will show the final photo of this extreme make over !

We went out for a fun day with Liek, Remon & Arvid and had a blast @
Plaswijk Park. Funniest thing of the day ? Colin appearantly waches too much
Rocket Power as he keeps calling him Remon “Raymundo” LOL. Besides taking
loads of photo’s of the kids:

Liek and I also made some with each other, here are some of my faves ( I do think I need some photoshopping though LOL) :

Oh and then there was Scrap-a-Ganza last Sunday, I had only booked one day this year and I must say it was the most relaxed SAG I attended. I took 2
classes by Dyan Reavely (she was fun and her products are fab, will
definately be getting those !), Vivian Bonder (she’s nice, and I would have
gotten more done if Corinne wasn’t next to me LOL as she struts her own
stuff and I couldn’t get my book to look like Vivian’s even if I wanted to
haha) and then Karen B. (wow I just love how organised and structured her
workshops go ! and how does she come up with those cute interactive things.
Being an engineer you can tell she looks at supplies very differtently
…LOL). Took home 2 nice ladies from Manchester (you know we were talking
so much but I don’t think we even exchanged names hihi) and dropped them off
at Schiphol after they had their pic taken with Bubbah (they couldn’t
believe the coincidence him being my husband as they love his blog LOL).

Finally went to see Spiderman III with DH (we loooooooove movies especially
sci fi and fantasy) and even though the effects were FAB I must say Peter
Parker is a cry baby which was kind of a downer really ….. Hope Pirates of
the Carribean will be more fun !

Oh and I think somewhere inbetween I was tagged by Frederique to name 5 fave
boy & girl names:

BOY: Michael, Colin, Connor, Thomas, Jonathan

GIRL: Julia, Megan, Sophie, Lisa, Joy

I tag Liek, Nili (since you’re new at blogging thought I’d help you with
some subjects LOL), Daphne, Dawn, and Mirjam 🙂

That about sums up part II of the last 2 weeks …….. I warned you it was
a lot and there will be more to come this weekend !


  1. Daffie Online

    Your garden make over makes it possible that we all come scrapping in your garden or at least have lunch outside on the next DT meeting!

    The tag…hmm…I will have to think about that…give me some time….

  2. Anonymous

    Ok, that garden looks big enough for all your supplies 😉 Happy for you it’s getting to the point of being finished… Love the pics of you & Liek!

  3. Anonymous

    morning hun… some great pics you have for us today – just stunning… and luck you to have a garden make-over – wow, it’s looking good 🙂 Have a wonderful week 🙂

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