What I’ve been up to ?

I’m totally digging sites like goodreads, facebook & hyves. And have been exploring facebook a lot these last few days.

I’ve been creative, wow finished 3 lo’s and making a bunch of cards with scraps I had left over.

Went to a crea market to sell some stuff, wasn’t a big suc6 but a learning experience (like check out the location and make sure the organizers promote it enough !)….

Have been giving a fab beginners workshop to enthousiastic scrappers to be.

My scrap studio is finally tidy, so this weekend I can get my admin up to speed and get cracking on those RAKS I promised centuries ago LOL.

Well that’s it really, so what have you all been up to ?


  1. Anonymous

    Facebook…you too? I found it lately via friends but I didn’t find what is the big deal about it but as my sis told me…I didn’t give it enough time 😉

  2. rev

    o, that’s no fun that it wasn’t a big suc6, but so you: take it positively 🙂
    and did you get my email about dates?
    and i’ve just been busy i guess with work aarrggh 🙁

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