A post of all sorts

So it’s been a week since my last confession, oops I meant post.

But seriously the past week was no fun, i still have a lot of toothaches/headaches and after having drugs (the cool stuff) for the last month I’ve had enough and am scheduled in to have the filling redone tommorow evening. If that doesn’t do the trick I will have more extreme measures taken (said in my bravest tone as I am a bit scared of the dentist and i have a low threshold for pain ….)!
Best news the past week was that Michael got his final ribbon so he’s off to get his first swimming diploma next month phew … and the thought that this week would be a schoolvacation.
I’ve also had a touch of the flu and been busy getting everything oranized at home, the webshop, and I took a workshop from Tim Holtz on friday and went to the demo days of one of my suppliers Kars on sunday with some fun chicks so those are the excuses for not blogging. Everyone’s blogs are suffering even Michael’s and Colin’s (whom we made a blog since he has a vtech kiddie camera that he saved for all by himself, but haven’t posted for him yet …) so it’s time to get up to spead.

Tim Holtz really rocks, he not only designs fab products and makes fab things with them he also is a great teacher and gives lot’s of tips and tricks (and that’s what I like) so I really learned a lot during the workshop. And the kars demo day was fun saw so many people I knew either demonstrating or buying, some I didn’t even recognize at first (sorry Moniqui 😉 ) or knew only by name (Brigitte vdL.) and had fun chatting to.

On our last dt gettogether I showed the girls a technique and we decided to post it on the blog for our monthly technique share. I strongly believe it’s more fun to show what an effect the technique has on a layout or project so I made this lo sundaynight to go with the post. While I was making it this title and journaling seemed apropriate and I couldn’t get it out of my head (don’t ask LOL …) I might even do some hidden journaling to make it a bit therapeutic too 😉 If you want to learn about the phototinting technique, hop on over to the MLS designteam blog !


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