extreme home makeover

Love that show but since Ty won’t be visiting my house we’re DIY it all the way …..

I went to Ikea yesterday to buy a guestbed for the guestroom that is being made by my DH as I write this. HUGE thanks to my friend Martine for coming along and helping me lug this heavyweight home !

I can never leave IKEA without buying some other bits’nbobs and these pillows screamed take me with you so I did 🙂
Front Back

They made me smile and they will totally fit into our new colorscheme (light browns, blues, pinks, greens) I’m working on this year (yes year because changing our interior isn’t done in a week I’m afraid to say) but slowly we are getting there and everytime I add something it looks better and better. Cannot wait till the new couch and curtains as that will make the biggest change.

Blogreaders have been asking about my knee and it is healing pretty good actually, I can take little sprints when I need to rush, and I don’t seem to have any pain. I cannot lean on my knee or go through the knees and stay like that bcause the tension is too big but other than that the knee is doing well. My back on the other hand :S … how is it that physio’s always seem to find another project to work on ….
My moulder is still giving me lots of pain but I have no time to go to the dentist again so I will deal with that next week.

Because I am having a bit or a rough time, just a lot of things on my plate right DH is being so sweet for me. He won a special preview to a chick flick and gave them to me, I took my mom as she could use a night out too and we went to see Definately, Maybe. Great film to go see with a good friend, I can definately recommend it ! Thanks babe !

Looking forward to this weeken, Scrap-a-licious weekend. WOW getting everything organised this week and it’s actually going better than I thought. I am (i confess I need this every now and then) taking some natural relaxatives or else I’d be the wicked witch and we don’t want to go there ….. I’ve bought some extra fab products that we will be sharing in the weekend and if we have any left we’ll be showing them in our webshop after the weekend. And I’m making such cute little bags of goodies to sell, I’ve got the vintage ones done and I’m now going on to the pastels and brights.

I’m so looking forward to meeting a lot of blogfriends IRL this weekend CU all there !


  1. Monique Helfrich

    Take it easy!!! Je weet dat waar veel scrapbookers samen zijn, je je nergens druk om hoeft te maken… helpende handen genoeg en alleen maar leuke mensen! Ik hoop dat je er naar uitkijkt ipv tegenop ziet… Het wordt vast helemaal scrap-a-licious! Tot gauw en bedankt voor het sturen van de cd-rom!

  2. Petra

    Dat is inderdaad een erg leuk programma. Mijn jongens willen altijd graag naar het sloop-gedeelte kijken maar hopelijk is dat bij jou niet nodig!
    Sterkte met de voorbereidingen voor het weekend (nu maar hopen dat er op zondag nog genoeg is ;)…) en met je gezondheid!

  3. Anonymous

    Dat bed is zóóó gaaf!(Bo heeft ´em op d´r kamertje) en ook zo onwijs handig met die lades eronder. Dat kussen is ook helemaal te gek! Ben blij om te horen dat het wat beter gaat met je knie!
    Enne… nog een héél fijn weekend gewenst natuurlijk!

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