B’day Recaps

So I totally forgot to show you Colin’s gorgeous bday cake (beware birthday photo overload ….) made by this lady found via this forum.

He had a disney party and she was totally into making a toy story cake for him. When Colin saw it he exclaimed “oooh that’s buz” (so happy we have that on the flip !) and I can understand he was in awe :

Oh and he liked the mickey mouse confetti on my cupcakes as well 😉

He was spoiled a lot here are some prezzies he got and there were a lot of vouchers for which he bought an epet (monkey), 3 boardgames (of course), a flashlight, a smurf, a game for his vtech and he still has plenty left but we’re spreading it not letting him spend it all at once …

And some pics from the celebration @ school:

For his party with his buddies we had a whole summer beach party planned but it was cold & rainy …. so we had to revert to plan B (which is actually something he came up with a week prior to the party but we had everything set for the beachtheme …) and that was to go bowling (he loved it and kept asking all the kids at the end if they liked his party, how sweet is that?!)! To add another fun factor we did our “wild fast food” lunch which is always very popular with the kids (translation : we package our whole table in alu foil and spread the french fries, snacks and mayonaise, appelsauce etc. on the table and let them eat … ALWAYS guaranteed to give you faces full of amazement LOL). And then as a grand finally stomping (well sometimes it’s sitting or lying) on the numbered balloons so the corresponding presents can be opened :

And as for me I was spoiled too on my birthday by the boys and my family and we had a fun day celebrating together. No breakfast in bed as the boys had a baseball game, but a fun breakfast together and the unwrapping of presents. The boys gave me a pink apron and a baking book with great recipes and Ed gave me a Wii FIT !! then my parents joined us to go to the game (they won and Michael scored a homerun !) and a great brunch at home, they got me a tickets to go to Stevie Wonder (mom & I are going, so excited), my brother joined us for games and installing the Wii Fit (hilarious with the weighing and such but hey I’m very healthy appearantly) and then we went for dinner. It was a very relaxing most perfect birthday in a very long time ….

And yesterday evening my party…. I didn’t have a lot of guests, somehow nobody could come as they were so so busy it depressed the hell out of me … and at a certain point I didn’t even want to make cupcakes for the guests that were coming.

But I sucked it up, depressed or not and made some for the people that were coming to treat them. And I kid you not the moment I started making them it’s just as therapeutic as scrapping! It was definitely a full moon this weekend…
The cupcakes turned out very yummy, I felt better and it ended up being a fun party with the girls that came!

Some gifts I got were Nigella Lawson – domestic goddess, a kookbook with kids bday cakes, a gift certificate for a chocolaterie, great bodylotion & showergel, a cute bracelet, lipbalm, a candle, a soap with some money attached to the package, money, a ticket to see Alicia Keys with Martine, a gift voucher & money over the mail and a gift voucher so I can get this perfum that I’ve been wanting for a while :

Yep this girl was definately spoiled :D!


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