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I feel good

It’s a beautifull day, the sun is shining I feel good and no one’s gonna stop me now, oh yeah ! Spring has really set in in the Netherlands and it was about time too. Helps with my jogging routine for sure (yes I went again yesterday) and just my general wellbeing. I’m just not […]



So for the past 5 years I’ve tried to get back into my training mode but it hasn’t worked so far (not even when I was dieting to get the baby weight off) and I wasn’t even trying for the 4 to 5 times I used to work out …..2 weeks ago I went jogging […]


slow scrapbooker

I have too many unfinished projects and not enough time ….haha it’s my own fault I am a very slow scrapper … I love to leave a project to simmer and work on it every few days, I love moving things about 5 cm’s leaving it and moving it again a day later etc. I […]


Secretary day

So in the netherlands it’s secretary day today and most secretaries expect their bosses to show their appreciation by buying them flowers or something … Since the company I work is watching the budget I didn’t expect anything, and neither did Ed so he sent me a sweet e-card ! But you know what, I […]


My mess

So what’s the deal, why is my bedroom always a warzone ? I’d love a nice tranquill and clean space and once a week (when my lovely cleaning help Monika comes round) it is but it never stays that way… Maybe it’s because the clothes are usually folded there, the ironed clothes are distributed there, […]



Welcome into my life, this is my first post in my very own blog, i’m happy I finally got arount to making a blog. I’ve never been one to keep a diary for long but since this is done by computer and I use one daily I’m hoping this will last…..