So for the past 5 years I’ve tried to get back into my training mode but it hasn’t worked so far (not even when I was dieting to get the baby weight off) and I wasn’t even trying for the 4 to 5 times I used to work out …..2 weeks ago I went jogging with my friend Martine and then … nothing…. So yesterday my mother was babysitting Colin, Michael was playuing at a friends house, the weather was fine I went jogging again (ok I know a 2 week gap is big but not too big 😉 ) and I did well, ran the bike path that goes around our block (it’s a big block honest) and came back 25 min. later. The fun part was that my mother (with Colin) biked beside me as I hate to jog alone, killed 2 birds in one stone because I’m totally up to date with all the things going on in the family …

The bad part is, it was hot and today I have sore muscles but I’m definately going again on wednesday, really I will.


  1. bookit

    oh, i know how you feel…i started running 3 months ago and have buiult up to 3.2km in 30 minutes. the first time i ran 1km in 30 minutes!! lol
    it’s hard work…but a slow build up is important!!!
    keep at it 🙂

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