Mini holidays rule !


Our weekend away was so fun, so relaxed that I wish we could do this more often.

The kids had a blast, can you imagine 7 kids in one house and no fights …. I cannot imagine 7 kids in one family period ….

We did too much in a short amount of time, most of it as a group but sometimes the men took the kids and gave us women some time off (aren’t they sweet !) activities : swimming (3 days in a row), bowling, shopping, darts, jogging (guess who), walk on the beach, scrapbooking (I helped the girls make a canvas), going to the parks entertainment and living on the 3 P’s (Patat = French fries, pancakes & pizza ….) very healthy ….. The weather was better than expected partly sun & clouds and the temp. kept going up, it only rained on the last day so packing the car wasn’t too much fun for Ed.
Freddie, Yolanda, Charel, Tobias, Tijmen, Henk, Mariska, Jurre, Milan we can’t wait till next year for our annual “holiday friends” trip !
I didn’t get any scrapping done but I did read a few chapters in Cathy Zielske’s book and I love it !

Since we’re back Colin is crying at night wanting to go on holiday again and keeps asking all day long when we will be going again. Getting flashbacks to our trip to EuroDisney with Michael 😉 ….

Michael was happy to go back as he was missing his gamecomputer (he wanted to bring it and I forgot to pack it) so he got to play it when we got home that day (which used up his computer time for the whole week….)

I’m not having a fun time at work at the moment, nothing dramatic, yet, so I’m in no rush, but I’m keeping my eyes and ears open to new opportunities.

On a good note, I’m almost finished with all the preparations for Saturday, 1 year anniversary of Memory Lane Scrapbooking, US National Scrapbookday and our spring sale ! Hope a lot of people stop by and join the competition & lint swap. Did you know we have a competition ? One everyone can enter as it is a “title search” for a lo. So take a peek in my forum at MLS and enter ! ( geez I have to figure out how to make a link in the text …… haha but you can find the link on the left….)


  1. rev

    wow Danielle, sounds like you had some fun vacation! And if you like, you can e-mail me your CV…see my site (Artifex Support and Artifex Secretaresses) (for the links, see my blog :). Maybe I can help you look 🙂
    Shame I can’t make it Saturday. Did you receive my e-mail about the other dates?

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