Hope you have a wonderfull day.

So here’s my other weekend project a birthday card for mommy (total scraplift) which I think is pretty darn cute ….

Craig David was soo much fun yesterday, pretty sexy smile ;-), thanks for arranging the tickets Martine (just a little drowsy today …)! When I got home and was checking on the M&M’s and while I gave Colin a goodnight kiss I got a big smile and 2 arms reached out for me as he exclaimed “Mommy” ! in his sleep … sigh

I’ve decided not to run the Dam to Dam, sorry Wendy (but I’ll try to see you at the finish to congratulate you, and for the pics of course.) I’m finally getting everything in balance and don’t want too many distractions at the moment.

The M&M’s are getting a haircut but not too much or they won’t be 2 little surfer dudes anymore, I’ll show some before and after pics tommorow.

Oh BTW I have some inside info about the scrapaganza, so who is curious ?


2 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY !!

  1. it’s good to focus on what you already have instead of taking on the challenge of the dam dam! lolanyhow…i’m curious about scrapaganze…tell!!anitax


  2. Hi D@anielle,I’ll email you in a minute with some date suggestions ;). And love to see some pics of the surfer dudes :). Good for you not choosing something more to do, just have fun doing all the stuff you’re doing already. The chipboardletters btw are from scenic route (i bought alllll the colors!). O, and well…. give me ALL the inside info about s-a-g pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzuh!grzRevlie


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