It’s official

If I hear the soundtrack of Shrek one more time I’ll go crazy … The m&m’s have discovered their sing a long machine again … Michael has a love for soundtracks and at the moment one specific song from shrek.

On a positive note Ed is busy building away this weekend (or creating a lot of dust, it’s just how you interpret it) so we are in one big messy state and everyting is packed into the living room. We ate from the coffetable which of course was very adventourus to m&m, it reminded us of the days without kids hihi.

I keep escaping with the boys, birthday parties, clothes shopping and playdates, swimming tommorow and then we’ll do it al again next week :-0.

I’m working on my lo, and the title is “Time, Time, Time, see what’s become of me” Curious ? wait and see !

Oh and I’ve been thinking of investing in a cricut at the end of this year… Since my sizzix has broken down (well I did get a new one but I sold it) I’ve been thinking about a big shot or a cricut. What do you think ?

I’ll leave you with this cute picture made by someone some time ago at a Donna Downey workshop(20 march) and she finally sent me the photo, yeah !


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