I fell in love

And just had to have them

Aren’t they cute ?? Now all I need is a nice tan ….

Made this page for Colin’s creche a gift for his creche caretaker (?) Ruth whom he cals Ruud which is a mens name in the Netherlands (LOL).

Did some more scrapping tonight with my friend Irma, worked on “me & my girls” jeans book. Still not finished though so I cannot give a sneak peek….


11 thoughts on “I fell in love

  1. Love he LO and LOVE the shoes!Ik keek even op de site van je winkel, en ik reaslieer me dat jij helemaal niet zo ver bij mij vandaan bent! Wat gaaf, een andere scrapper in de buurt,als is het maar om het idee! 🙂


  2. Totally loving the shoes. I hope you booked a vacation to a very sunny place, far farrrr away, because hey, we still live in Holland where the sun only shines on working days.The lo looks pretty cool too!


  3. Posting something off topic about shoes is bound to make everyone curious ;-). Hey, I wanna know where you got them too! And I am sure ‘Ruud’ will love the LO, LOL…


  4. Sorry ladies the shoestore is not a wellknown franchise, a small one in a local shoppingmall …if you still want to shop for them email me and I’ll give you the address. grts, D@nielle


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