Drumrolls, new project, spilling the beans & other tidbits (long one this time)

Let’s start with the bad news, someone has hacked our site (of my scrapbook store ….) so it’s off the air … Can you believe it that ? DH is working hard with the providers to get it back online but I just can’t believe there are people out there who whould do such a thing. Well we know as it says “F… you, Lamar” Well thx a lot yerk ! We’re now trying a restore …..

Good news, drumrolls please ……. I finally found a winner for my the competition for a LO title, well actually 2 winners and I will explain why. I looked at all the possibilities :

JijThese are the days of miracle and wonderBeach BoyMr. Sandman tell me your dreamsBeach boyZandBoy Meets WorldA day at the beachWereldverkenner/ontdekkerOp ontdekkingsreisMost things in life are freeThe beauty of NatureHands are for grabbingAdventure TimeGreat AdventurebeachbabeLEKKER KOPPIEEERSTE DAGJE STRANDHEERLIJK DAT ZANDPreciousBeach boyColinIntensConcentratieFirst impressionWonderAmazePleasureMiracleYou are the MIRACLE of all creationHold out your hands to FEEL the luxury of the sunbeamsalways look on the bright side of lifeIt Came From Beneath The SandWhat is the secret of the sandMy hands touch the sand and discoverThe smile on your face is so beautiful as the sun on the beachTrue BlueBlauw …. Ik hou van jouzandmonstertjezand-tastischontdekkingstocht door het zandSchatten gevondenDe wonderen van het strandEerste zand stapjesColin ontdekt de wereld en begint bij het strandhey dudes….what’s this?PUREenENJOYOns zandmannetjeMy PreciousA day of firstsBeach DudeMan Handling the SandMe&My Blue BandanaHot HeadA Life by the Ocean WavesCurious ColinColin’s Coastal CapersThe sun on my back and sand in my handKnow what it is to be a childTo see a world in a grain of sandAnd a heaven in a wild flowerHold infinity in the palm of your handAnd eternity in an hour A beach isn’t a beach without the sand…I’m not ME without youMy blue heaven

And what stood out was “Bandana” twice, and I decided to add Beautifull & boy to the equation, so the title will be Beautifull Bandana Boy. So thanks Anita & Angelique for the “voorzet”. I will be making a Rak next week for you both !

Had a fabulous lunch to celebrate my friends birthday, at the Blooming
hotel in her new hometown Bergen and it was fabulous ! Thanks so much girls for the fun afternoon & Natascha of course for hosting this lunch !

(sorry I’m not a great photoshopper, so my collages are not as good as they could be, but I’m working on it !)
We bought a whole bunch of gifts and I made her this journal (thanks Francine for the inspiration, you rock !) that I fell in love with after I finished it hihi but hey it didn’t have my name on it so I had to give it away. (btw michael loved it after I explained what it was and he wants one too, well when he can write I’ll make him a really guy version…..).

Oh and we bathed Colin, we are so stupid didn’t know the glue wasn’t waterproof (and they didn’t tell us) and of course he got water in his face. Then after telling the m&m’s & DH to stop playing so rough after their bedtime story his scar opened again and off course I freaked out… No blood but the scar was way open (or at least I thought so) so Ed used special tape and taped it closed again and I am so hoping this hasn’t made it all worse. Will keep you updated on this…..

Oh and I have a new job ! That was one of my secrets…. I start September 4th at a Nova College here in Hoofddorp, as a yes hmmm how do I explain this…. They have a study room with computers, books etc. and I will helping out students there that study nursing, pedagogic etc. So psyched as it’s something totally different but everyone I tell about it says “Oh that’s so a job for you” so let’s hope it is. I will work a day less & have all the schoolholidays off so that will help me get a better balance between being a mommy, wife, friend, store owner and scrapbooker …no racing, colin can go to the creche 1 day less, I can bike to work (ok I will regret this when it rains but who cares) and loads and loads of free time and hopefully a very inspiring work environment.

Oh and while downloading pics (from my little camera) of today & the journal I found these photos:

Duo Penotti

I actually like this one !

Cute M&M’s …


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