Prettiest things I’ve ever seen

Yesterday I on my way to the carpark at work I spotted the prettiest little butterflies I had ever seen. I only had my small camera with me but I had to try and shoot them. Photo’s weren’t too bad but I thought I’d bring my big one today to try and get some better ones. And you kow what my little kodak EasyShare C340 took better ones than my Olympus C-750 …. Go figure … Maybe it’s because I was snapping away yesterday with the screen and today I tried to take pretty ones and was too focussed on that. Anyhoo I’m quite happy with the good ones I took ! Have you ever seen such pretty little lilac butterflies ?


10 thoughts on “Prettiest things I’ve ever seen

  1. Even aan het bloghoppen kom ik langs en Volgens mij is dat een icarusblauwtje, kan het niet helemaal goed zien, maar ook vanwege de planten waar ie zat.Gaaf om te zien dat moeder natuur zulk mooie kleuren heeft!


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