Mini Album “Moments of you”

Finally finished another project. I started this project about a month ago, but had so many things going on I wasn’t able to finish it until now. My new resolution is to finish all projects I have before I start a new one with the exceptions (yes there are always exceptions …) are my dt challenges and the August Effer dares.
So about my project (really happy with this mini album that the lovely Corinne thought up, thanks again for the invite !) is a little book “Moments of you” about Colin. Not happy with the front cover so I’m changing that a bit tommorow, this is it :


9 thoughts on “Mini Album “Moments of you”

  1. yeah for you! Great that you finished another project.Looks good.I am feeling beter so my project to-night is to sort through the photo shoot. I’ll keep you posted.Wendy


  2. Hoi Danielle, ik zag net je comment op mijn blog. We hebben inderdaad al eens met elkaar gemaild. Wat een prachtig minialbum heb je gemaakt. Echt super.Marcelle


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