Yes I still Scrapbook !

For the ones who were wondering yes I still scrapbook, and I’m actually finally finishing some projects.
This lo is for my dt challenge, make an interview lo, and since I not only tagged my friends but also my “little bro” I had a great subject. I prefer the left page but hey I cannot put 56 Q&A on one page…. I even had to leave some of but I picked out the ones I liked most.

And here’s a sneak preview to another page that I’m working on that involves my brother and a technique challenge, can you spot 5 of them ?


11 thoughts on “Yes I still Scrapbook !

  1. hai Danielle, Die onderste is ook prachtig zeg! Mooi, wat voor techniek bedoel je daarmee?Groetjes, Jolanda (die even aan het bijlezen is na haar vakantie…)


  2. Jo,Ik heb gedoodled, gestempeld en ge-embossed ! en op de lo zelf ook nog met de naaimachine gestikt. Nu nog een titel en dan kan ik het afmaken …. grts, D@nielle


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