The Beach

After Michael’s skiing lesson on saturday we spontaniously decided to go the beach in IJmuiden, hey it was dry so we thought we’d give it a try. And you know what it was lovely ! The temp was great, no wind, the water was warm and the beach practically empty. The M&M’s had a wonderfull time, we found lots of pretty seashells, got really wet (luckily I managed to get some of the clothes off before everything got wet) and chilled at the Brasserie Zilt on the Fat Boys …. they went home in their underware LOL. Here’s just a few of the 131 super photo’s we have :

BTW I’ve been tagged 3 times (!) to give up 5 weird things about myself. I didn’t think I was weird but appearantly 3 scrapblogfriends think I am or I wouldn’t be tagged this much LOL. I’m working on it ladies !


7 thoughts on “The Beach

  1. Can I say anything new? Don’think so… I also love the pictures. Especially the green shirt. It gives a great accent to the pictures.I’m curious about your strange habbits…. I wonder if you are any weirder than me?? 😀


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