weird me ? aaah c’mon I’m not that weird am I ??

I was tagged by Francine, MJ and Terese to bear all and tell you 5 weird things about myself …. hmmm 3 people now that should say something …

1. I am the CREAMQUEEN ! ok I admit to those who do not know me that well (yet) I have a thing for wondercreams. I have all different kinds, for all sorts of rashes, problems, itches, scrapes, burns you name it I will have a lovely little cream for it (and with me ….).

2. I can’t stand bare toenails and think my feet look weird without nailpolish on them and therefore have been putting nailpolish on them since uhm forever…. 365 days a year. I usually have red on them but since a couple of years I’m into french manicure on them too.

3. while we’re on the subject of feet, I do not like to have barefeet in my shoes with the exception of sandals. Now you could say it’s the same but no, I CANNOT have barefeet in my shoes and wear granny footies in my summer shoes.

4. Talking to me can be a bit confusing at times, as I hop from one subject to another while other people are still on the previous subject. Things go quicker in my head and can be hard to keep up with…..

5. I have 5 laundry baskets and still think that’s not enough, I like to have all my laundry sorted by color. But dh won’t let me buy 2 more …..

And while thinking about my weirdness I found out I have even more weird things about me than just this and since I was tagged so much I decided to give up some more LOL….

6. I have a thing for tall, well built men but my men have always been shorter or just as tall as me but well built 😉 ….

7. I’m an organizational freak, I looooooove compartment boxes, little boxes, tags, file folders etc. Especially if they’re in pretty colors 🙂

8. How long do you think a teabag will last me ? Well more than 1 cup of tea that’s for sure. Tea is my drink of choice (herbal that is) and I drink it quite light so one teabag goes a long way for me, 2 pots of tea easy !

9. I hate a messy disorganised home (see # 7) so the current state of my home is totally freaking me out 24/7 …. (Hopefully this will be sorted in a couple of months as I will have some more time on my hands to deal with this !)

10. I hate movies with an open ending as this doesn’t give me closure, so don’t show me one before bedtime or I cannot sleep. The ending can be good or bad (guess which one I prefer …) but there has to be an ending, obviously I do not like movies intended to have sequels ….

That enough for ya ? Now if you know me really well you probably know even more weird things about me, care to elaborate ???

My turn to tag some people I choose Angelique, Cara, Marinka, Nat and Anita (now Angelique I know pretty well so I’m curious if she has any weird things I didn’t know already and C, M, N & A I would like to get to know better so that’s why I tagged them.) can’t wait to read all about your weirdness ladies !

9 thoughts on “weird me ? aaah c’mon I’m not that weird am I ??

  1. Oh boy, heb ik ff gelachen zeg, heel veel dingen die jij opnoemt, zijn gelijk aan mij…. had ik die toch neer moeten pennen dus:-)Leuk dat je ook lid bent geworden van de groep (you know what I mean!!) Ik ga je linken op mijn blog, is wel goed toch?Marjolein


  2. HAAAA ! Ja, ik wist ze van jou ! Ken je al zoooo lang ;p Behalve dat van die wasgoedmanden.Tsjeeeee, waar laat je die dingen ?Ahum, ik zal eens gaan nadenken over mijn lijstje……………. Doei!


  3. hee, we are a lot alike, the baskets, the shoe thing… lol! I posted mine. oh and I’m not taking you off my contest list! Feel free to use your half finished projects if they fit the challenge!


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