Greetz & chitchat from Germany

A little message with greetz from Hesel, Germany. Here visiting my nephew and his family that recently relocated to this lovely area. Femke his daughter is celebrating her 7th b’day tommorow so we picked a good time to visit. I heard that here in >Germany they don’t just eat one piece of b’day cake but several, and I get to help with the shopping today. Will be looking for some yummy ones in a bit ……

So I’ve been reorganizing my blog and maybe you were listed and lost your listing ? Don’t worry you’re here ! Thing is there are scrappers that update their blog daily and bloggers that don’t, there are the ones I know well and the ones I don’t …. ok you get the idea right ?? I still like to read your blog but my list was just getting too long so I started a seperate blog about dutch scrappers only ! If you’re not on the list let me know and I’ll ad you, if you’re on there and don’t want to be let me know too I’ll remove you. Just trying to get as big a list as possible, it will eventually become a better, alfabetical list but till then I will just be collecting ….

I am so looking forward to next week, I start my new job @ school on monday, it’s my birthday on thursday and I have a girls only girly party on saturdayevening !! (so if you’re bored come by, you are very welcome, I have lots of yummy food lined up !)


7 thoughts on “Greetz & chitchat from Germany

  1. Hey Daniëlle, Heel veel plezier nog in Duitsland! En natuurlijk heel veel succes met je nieuwe baan! Het onderwijs is geweldig! En over 7 weken heb je alweer een week vakantie! 😀


  2. o, exciting to start your new job Daan!! Tell us all about it next week!! And ofcourse congrats on your birthday, because this preggie is forgetting about everything these days… and i would love to come to your girls party… but i guess i go to sleep at 8… hope these first 3 months go quickly 🙂


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