Beach Coaster mini album

Whilst in Germany i did do a little scrapping, put a little mini album package together that she bought somewhere a long time ago. I promised to do ages ago for my mother, she liked it I didn’t haha. The concept of the mini album looked fun but putting it together wasn’t so I won’t be using that concept…. won’t show a pic either.
Made lot’s of photo’s in germany so I will make a little collage this week and show and tell later.

I’ll tell all about my 1st week on the job in a few days as I don’t have that much to share yet. The shool hasn’t really started so it’s a bit strange, quiet and unclear as to what to do this week. More to follow…..

Went to the dentist today for my new moulder and that went quite well, a bit of throbbing but I took a nap and all was better after that.

I’ve finished another little project a while back but haven’t shared it yet ( I may have given a peek but it’s finished now !) Used lots of techniques in this coaster album as I use it as a demo model for my technique workshop. Foto’s are of a trip to the beach (we hadn’t been in a while) and my ds michael went totally wild, running around yelling how much fun he was having and about loving it at the beach. It was so fun to see, not only for us, I just couldn’t stop making pictures of him (which I have censured as he was in the nude, don’t want an upset teenager down the line ….) !

So who has gotten their photo’s popped by Anita Mundt yet ? See the message below ! I sure am getting some photo’s ready for her ….. And that it’s for a good cause makes it even better (2 great things for the price of 1) !


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