Some of the people that make me happy !

The next day things always are better, and so they are for me. THX everyone for the sweet messages, tears and smiles were seen and my afternoon became better and better. Here’s some of the people that make me happy (photo’s courtesy of my sweet friend Wendy, sorry for some of the chopped off parts courtesy of Picasa2….)

And I’m working hard on collecting all the stuff for the Elsie workshop on saturday (@ 10.00) but I’m also working on the homework for my 1 week in my life book. Hard work in the prep scrap department as you can imagine.

Here’s some pic’s I will be taking with me …..


10 thoughts on “Some of the people that make me happy !

  1. Gave foto’s Daniëlle! Gelukkig zijn er nog altijd dingen/mensen waar je vrolijk van wordt! Enne… niet vergeten: chocola wil ook nog wel eens helpen… :)Heel veel plezier bij Elsie zaterdag! Ben heel benieuwd wat jullie gaan maken…


  2. hahahaha en dan denkt ze nog dat niemand haar blog leest, gekkie! hopelijk is je dag vandaag een stuk beter en ik vind in elk geval je foto’s erg leuk. Ik moet nog beginnen met uitzoeken, bleh!corinnexxx


  3. Love the photo´s. Uhm, didn´t I post this same comment before?? Ah! Yep, but that´s your own fault, because you always have nice photo´s :-DDD I´m curious about the results of saterday, I hope you will show them asap.


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