309 euro’s

and this is what it looks like ……

haha and I spent it all in one place too (2 skirts, 3 pairs of pants, 1 shirt, 1 blouse and 1 gilet kindathingie) haven’t spent this much in one shoppingspree ever I believe ! One thing though, I didn’t balance out the top’s and bottom’s so I have to get some tops next month. Oh and some black boots too. And some new pj’s for a weekend away next month…. OOOh so much fun things to buy and not enough budget….


7 thoughts on “309 euro’s

  1. Wow – cool stuff you bought!!! Ahhh such a shopping tour is so much fun! I just bought a spanking new dress and pants and shoes and I knwo what you mean – it is also good to spent it for something else than scrapbooking -LOL! Have a gorgeous start into the week!


  2. don’t you just love shopping and thanks to remind me of some pj’s for our weekend, since I sleep butt naked I better get some pj’s soon, do not want to scare you girls, lol!corinnexxx


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