Scrapbook Alliance

I have been looking forward to this weekend for some time …..

I have been asked to join a great group of scrapping babes for a weekend away. We will be eating, scrapping, laughing, getting to know each other and scrapping some more. For me the focus will be on finishing boxes full of unfinished projects and that will be so great because then I will have time to work on all those ideas that have been brewing for some time.

Now most of the girls have prepared for the weekend and have packed accordingly, but me for those of you who know me well know I hate to go away (daytrip, holiday or any other activity outside of my house) and not have the necessities with me …. So this is what happens (and I didn’t even add my suitcase in the picture …) …..

But hey thank god we have a big car (peugeot 307 SW) so I can bring everything I like (and even pick up a girl or 2 on the way (hehe Corinne & Flo you have been warned) oh but I’m leaving our cat Dash @ home …..LOL.

CU after the weekend !

ps. Thanks so much everyone for being so enthousiastic about the dutch dares blog, it makes all the hard work worth while and we hope that it doesn’t end there and that you all join in the fun …..


6 thoughts on “Scrapbook Alliance

  1. oh my gosh Danielle, and I know, what Birgit’s been taken as well, that place must have been packed with scrapstuff, was there any space left for you girls to do some scrapping?????? ;-))))


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