Uhm hello anybody there ?

My dare # 2 lo “THIS” is now officially finished, I had to post a “half-finished product” for the dare as I thought that would be better than none at all. But I’m happy to report that I finished it, just one day to late. Let me know what you think !

And now for the next few evenings I will have to do all the things that have been lying around, like admin, adding products to the shop (some hambly rubons ……. lovely colored/clear buttons, christmas colored velvet ribbon & scottish ribbon with soft pastel colors coming right up !), sending of some orders.

Oh and in the daytime I will have to get my messy home back into shape ….


6 thoughts on “Uhm hello anybody there ?

  1. Love your LO, and ooohhh I have to take a look in your shop as soon as I have time…. You forgot Sinterklaas. Nothing to do for that??? Oh, this is such a busy month but I sure enjoy it!!


  2. Love your lyout too – awesome! Gotta get some orders with you done – LOL – have to figure out your website – couldn’t find the English Button yesterday -I guess – me stupid yesterday ! Hugs


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