with a little help from my blogfriends

Yay tonight I am going to scrap the next dutch dare …. Finally after a week of only doing admin I get to play, having some photo’s printed this afternoon and then it’s just me, my supllies (lol do you know how much I have ….)and well uhm inspiration I guess….

Since my head is full of stuff that needs to be done, I need to delegate some things…. how about a little dare …

I dare you to find me THE perfect new font for my all new and improved (but yet to be made) website & logo.

Requirements are easy really, it needs to be readable, free, hip, funky, fresh and not on another scrapwebsite (oh and better than the ones I have found so far) so it will to go with the new site.

The prize …. hmmmmmm I am going to start collecting some fun things like ribbons, buttons and ehm oooh I have so much fun stuff to share so I’m not telling you too much ….


5 thoughts on “with a little help from my blogfriends

  1. i love ‘trebuchet MS’ because i use it for my own company (not scrapbook related don’t worry :). it’s nice, readable and looks very stylish… well… that’s my opinion 🙂


  2. what sort of style are you after? I do a lot fo graphic design stuff and the range of fonts is huge and each could convey very different thingd depending on colour use and placement.there are a lot of fabby fonts out there and even though billions are free – there are some way cool fonts to use commerically for US$20 or so if you want something slightly more.


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