I ran, I survived, I am going on

I ran, did the interval thing as Wendy recommended (absolutely never did it before always just dit it) and it only took me about 10 minutes longer than usual. So my first run around Graan voor Visch took 40 minutes, I’m going again tommorow.

We got so much done this weekend, my bathroom looks so much better all in cottonwhite color, we made our new years card (since we aren’t going to be on time for xmas cards, we opted for ny cards), put the christmas tree up and cleaned up a bit.

And I learned a lot about judas priest (DH had a heavy metal phase and had it on his ipod), that you can actually run well on paul oakenfold, that we truly are a Bob & Wendy as we work well together, we really treasure these weekends together and not only for the things we can get done, that I can actually crop with other people present (thanks Flo for the lovely afternoon!) cause I got 8 cj pages halfway done and that according to Colin we have a naked tree and his grandparents have a dressed one …..(yes that is LO material !).

The concert we went to was Oletta Adams’ christmas show and it was great. Before the break it was her own repertoire, after the break christmas songs. (And if you know me better you’ll know I love xmas songs but am only allowed to play them nonstop on both christmas days …) My mother loved the concert, I could tell because of all the elbows she was giving me … I love surprising her like this because I know what kind of music touches her and makes her happy and she deserves it ! A great ending to a great weekend !


10 thoughts on “I ran, I survived, I am going on

  1. Wat geweldig dat het zo ging met het hardlopen, zelfs met interval lukt het me niet 🙂 dus ik blijf het bewonderen :)Wat een geweldige uitspraak van Colin hahah inderdaad scrap materiaal.Gr Alette


  2. finally have a quiet moment — sunday afternoon was nice — and i am glad you got your pages 1/2 done… if you’re stuck on the other half you know you’re more than welcome to come over here 🙂


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