christmas vacation ?!

This is my second week of christmas vacation and I have a feeling it just started …..I had so many things I wanted to do; get my house more organized, scrap a lot, go to the zoo, get my admin organized, work out ehm well you get the idea …

And what have I done so far =>

  • the house is a bit more organized ( ok well I got a lot of washing done and the rooms of my M&M are done) but the attic is nowhere near to being done ….
  • we played a lot of games, I went to an indoor playground with Wendy and the boys and tommorow we’re going to the theatre with them but the weather is a bit unpredictable so the zoo was cancelled.
  • Had a crop with some friends (Flo, Monique, Daphne & Liek) and I only scrapped for about an hour, so of course I didn’t finish the project …. On the other hand the boys finished an altered mini book for their grandparents and they loved it.
  • Admin is sort of organized, it’s all tucked away in plastic folders but needs to be computerized (dreading this project), and I did a lot of updating in the shop (sale) & workshops.
  • what I did do is RUN and let me tell you it went well, the new shoes are fab (although I must admit I need some more gear and on the top of my list is my own ipod LOL as I keep having to steal my DH’s, and an extra pair of everything really …. Have to wait till my next paycheck though.

and that’s it, not much 😦 and you know what, the vacation is over after the weekend…..Oh well the next school vacation is in 6 weeks LOL

So what have you been up to ?


8 thoughts on “christmas vacation ?!

  1. Well, sounds like you did a lot anyway LOL! Same here, the holiday went by in a flash (DH only had one week off…) Hey, but we do have a cooool weekend in march to look forward to hey!!!


  2. Same here, no vacation for me neither! I work on wednesday till friday so it was my lucky year this year.. NOT! But the time I did spend home we spent it together. Lot of birthdays, sleepovers for the girls, cleaning, wachted a movie (Babel, a-must-see!) and ofcourse scrapped a lot also with my oldest ones. I have to wait another 26 weeks for my next vacation. But hey, what is 26 weeks on a lifetime?? ;-DD


  3. haven’t done a thing!!! and I want to do soooo much, there’s a pile of admin, I want to paint my hall, I want ts scrap, and absolutely nothing is happening, I’m behind the computer, reading a book, watching tv, just being very very lazy (shame, blush, shame) I guess things will get back to normal after the weekend…


  4. Well I plan on running the Nike Ladies run too! So maybe an opportunity to meet? My vacation is over…Today alarm cloack at 6:30 was TOUGH. I never emerged before 8:15 for 2 weeeks!!!Best wishes for you and your family!


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