Birthday Recap

Last weekend was a busy one, but lot’s of fun !

On saturday we had the kiddie party for Michael, totally in Indian & Cowboy style. We had a “campfire”, a totem (with balloons with numbers for all the pressies for him to burst open), we made dreamcatchers, danced the hokey pokey, decorated cupcakes, had 2 foodeating contests and tosti’s (grilled cheese/ham sandwiches) and hotdogs and ehm well that was it I think. Can you spot me dressed up as pocahontas ? unfortunatelly we forgot to take a picture of the whole outfit, but hey I might dress up again sometime ….

On Sunday we didn’t have too much as the house was already prepped for a party so we made his treats for his classmates & teachers. We made “klaasbrokken” yeah you know the lovely chocolate caloriebombs from the master of sweet goodies Francine and cupcakes with a failproof recipe from the multitalented Anita (and they loved it all !) and waited for the guests to arrive. Michael is at that age where you have to remain calm & cool when receiving the best presents from your list, but I could tell from his face & reaction he was so happy with his cards & gifts. He went to bed a little later, got to watch something he usually can’t because Colin is too small and was in heaven !

On monday, I had a very nervous little guy on my hands who did not want to go to school because of a tummy ache …..Eventually after some tears and a few hugs he was up for it ! We took a basket (and some tupperware) of goodies to school and then Michael asked if I could come back for the main event, now I didn’t know we were allowed to do this but appearantly we are (wish I’d known that last year 😦 !) But I went back and took a few pic’s, he was overjoyed and my heart was all warm and well you get the picture I think …… After school we had some more guests that couldn’t make it sunday, more pressies, his favo meal (french fries) and again to bed later than usual but again a satisfied & happy little boy.


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