Some of you had noticed already but we have a bit of a celeb @ home (and I’m not talking about DH 😉 LOL)

In this issue of a dutch scrapmag CmF, you might have spotted this LO of Colin. So strange to see his photo scrapped by someone else, but fun too as it’s totally different from the lo that I once made (at the beginning of my scrapcareer 😉 hihi) with the same photo.

Version Jolanda Schellekens :

My version (for which I still want to make a right page …):

I will leave you with a funny moment yesterday in the car (background info; We had just fitted (one shoe) and bought a pair of nike’s for colin) ; Colin : did we buy the shoe from the store ? Parents : yes dear ! Colin : did we bring the shoe from the store ? Parents : Yes dear. Colin : did we bring the other shoe too ? Parents : Yes dear we bought 2 shoes ! hihi


12 thoughts on “Celeb

  1. when i saw the picture i KNEW it was your Colin, but didn’t expect somebody elses name there…. so i was kinda clueless….. 🙂 silly ol’ me …love the shoe story. aren’t kids cute?!


  2. He wat grappig ;)).. mijn badkamer tegeltjes op jouw blog ;O. Leuk ook om jouw eigen versie te zien. Enne.. ik vondt het super dat ik COLIN even van je mocht lenen.. al was het maar op de foto dan. Mocht je het leuk vinden, dan hoop ik dat ik nog eens vaker een beroep op je mag doen.. om wie weet ook van je andere kids celebs te kunnen maken ;O. Liefs Yo.


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