Dutch Dare’s are up

And we’ve been very patriotic LOL. Go check them out, and play along !

BTW I’ve been trying to run again … the weather and flu/colds etc. have been keeping me from going regularly but I’m hoping to get into the swing of things, now if only it was dry this afternoon I could go again !


6 thoughts on “Dutch Dare’s are up

  1. Good luck with the running! I went speed walking this morning at 7.30….before it gets too hot. I really want to participate with this dare, want to do it for a while but things keep comming up, OK I know that is no excuse! Groetjes Eef


  2. You should run anyway. Ipod with you, the rain in your face and it´s just you and the road beneath your feet. But…….. the sun is shining today, so go! Run! 🙂


  3. That’s the reason why I go to the gym indoor, no problem with the weather, I don’t like rain!!!Lovely cards and I love the story behind that stuff you bought, how bigger the car…gr Nicole


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