on posting on my blog
on my tax admin
on putting all the cool things that have arrived in the shop (like huge supercool flowers, huge MDF letters, memo clipboards, superduper chipboard happy flowers, cool things from 7 gypsies and the list goes on).
on showing a cute card I received from Daphne
on reading everyone’s blog
on sending off the Dutch Dare Rak to Marguerita (will do this tommorow)
on sending Anita some cool stuff
on cleaning up the living room (which is looking like a warehouse far too long)
on preparing my workshops and putting them online
on making the next Dutch Dare
on my Emily’s deck of me challenge
on posting the cool new projects of the team for March
on so much more …..

I was behing on putting the cool mdf ornaments in the shop but I managed to take care of that this weekend.
I was behind on things I had to share with the MLS team.
I was behind on anouncing Corinne Delis’s workhops but they are now listed on the MLS site, mailed & posted to all kinds of places.

Let’s hope I catch up in the coming week …..


12 thoughts on “Behind

  1. Hi DanielleYou are one busy chick lOL… But it is nice to do something you love right.. I am going to check the updates on your site… Need to spend some money FAST LOLHope you can catch up on your duties…Have a wonderful dayEmine


  2. Man your list is as long as mine… I’m behind on so much too… one step at a time i guess. Can’t wait to see what all the new products look like, so start with those please ;-PPPPPP


  3. Dat gebeurt mijn nou nooit ;)).. haha klinkt me eerlijk gezegd heel bekend in de oren. Te veel te doen, en te weinig tijd.. zucht..lijstjes maken en een voor een stap voor stap afwerken.. succes !(een weekje nachtdienst zorgt er iig voor dat ik blogs (bij)lezen van mijn lijstje kan strepen ;O


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