make over good idea or not ?

I promised last week to tell you a little secret and I hadn’t gotten around to sharing yet. So here goes.

Two of my friends (and 2 of their friends) had autitioned for a new dutch programme with Dyan Beekman for a makeover and they had a blast.

I was so surprised when I was called up 2 weeks ago by the producers to help out (sort of shocked too as I thought they were pulling my leg) and find out the days they worked, give personal info etc. I agreed to help out but mind you I couldn’t tell anyone and the husbands didn’t even know yet….. They would surprise the ladies the next week (last tuesday) and I had to make a date with one of the girls as she was a SAHM and otherwise it would be hard to make sure she was indeed at home. So there I was when they came in and filmed …..but I’m sure that fromt the about 3 hours they filmed you won’t see me LOL.

The presentation of the make over was last week on wednesday and they had asked if they could ask me some things and I agreed hoping they would forget about little old me, even though I hid behind one of the husbands they didn’t forget :S and although the ladies were very beautifuly made over it just wasn’t them. I could find one thing for each of them that I liked but the make over was not what I expected at all, I won’t get into too much details.

Haven’t spoken to them all yet, but I am curious (will see them next week at a birthday party) to see how they liked it and if they changed back…. I won’t share all the stories but I know from one that she was pretty unhappy …..
*** edited; show will be aired on April 15th on I believe NET5.

I go for the NOT ……

ps. Colin is doing very well, no more sore bump !

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