The Results are in

Nike Hilversum City Run 2007

  • Startnummer 8251
  • Naam Danielle Slingerland
  • Woonplaats Hoofddorp
  • Onderdeel Nike Ladies Run
  • Netto tijd 39:04
  • Bruto tijd 40:54
  • Snelheid 7,679 km/uur
  • Afstand 5 km
  • Plaats 800e van 888 deelnemers

And this is what a tough and determined girl looks like :

And yes this is the right order …. you might notice that I am experiencing some difficulties. Well you know the hills and the heat did not make it easy but I got my rythm after 3 km (which has been the max km that I have run so far …) and the last 2 went really well as you can tell by the smile on my face. I was very proud !


16 thoughts on “The Results are in

  1. Woohooo!! How cool is that!?!?! Numbers aren’t important, you did it and you made it all the way!! You definatly should be proud. Have the best Easter with your loved ones.


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