Justin T.

Wow what a concert ….. He knows how to give a show ….

Unfortunately the after party wasn’t exactly what we expected, but we still had fun. And this morning (after 3 hrs of sleep) there I was making DH coffee for his Father’s day breakfast.


10 thoughts on “Justin T.

  1. @ Anita : I “borrowed” these photo’s from someone else :D@ Susanne: het voorprogramma was leuk, helaas het geluid niet goed maar Esmee kan leuk zingen. Natasja Beddingfield vind ik niet zo maar Timbaland was er in de “pauze” en die was ook helemaal goed !


  2. Hey Danielle, it’s funny you should say you love the song playing on my blog, “this is the first day of my lift”. Because Connor Oberst(Bright Eye’s) is a friend of our Family. He is from Omaha, right near me. He is good friends with and used to date, my neice. She is from the Band “Tilly and the Wall” if you know them. Vicki


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