Very long update and some photo’s too …. part II

If you’re interested in part II of what’s been going on in our lives then read on, if
not click away now and don’t look back.

Michael got his 3rd ribbon at his swimming lessons only one more to go and
then he can go for his diploma which we expect after the summer. Here’s a funny pic of him, the ribbon and a matching balloon.

The boys had their pic’s take at school, and even though colin was a bit ill
they took a good pic of them both !

And of course here’s one alone :

The whole class:

can you believe he stuck out his tongue on the class picture and is so proud of it LOL.

Went to see Revlie, Ruben & Sanne with Corinne, wow talk about deadlines. I finished up
her scrap pressie literally seconds before we had to leave :

She can add her own fave photo of Ruben to it herself and it’s finished.

That about sums up part II all up for the last 2 weeks …….. I warned you it was
a lot ! And I will be sharing some more pic’s this week of how a little imagination & some normal clothes make some nice dress up gear for Colin’s creche party!


8 thoughts on “Very long update and some photo’s too …. part II

  1. congrats to michael!! great pics. and you’re not alone: my youngest son is like michael. on every school pic you can see him with his tongue … nothing more to say!! ;)have a great day with revlie and corinne!! she will love the present!!


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