Dutch Dare # 17 & new stuff

Ok some more shameless selfpromotion here, so click away if you’re not curious…..

Check out our Dutch Dare # 17, was a bit of a delay with this one but well worth your wait !

Here’s my sneak peak, bit clean and simple this time, if you want to see more check out the DD blog !

I also wanted to share some supercool new products, I think we are one the first to have it in the shop in the netherlands so be sure to check it out !
Basic Grey Infuse collection and …. Autumn Leaves the french twist die cut additions !!! They are awesome really believe me can’t wait to play with them !


6 thoughts on “Dutch Dare # 17 & new stuff

  1. Was happy to meet your DD layout live today! It is perfect!! Thank you so much for a great day today with a yummy lunch, sunshine and had fun shoppin’;))


  2. Hi! I’m mizzm from SIStv.. just wandered here after I saw your post with your blog addy. OMG I LOVE the pic in your banner! That’s just so so cool!


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