We’re Baaaaaack !

And here is a quick post to sum up our holiday in Turkey, (I will post more about it later this week) : Relaxing, 20 min daily runs, great food, great climate, pooltime, ear infections, friendly people, great jeans, great choice of hotel, sleep deprivation, ear drops, games, books, hamman scrub & massage and a hospital …..

Oh and here’s a quick lo I made for the Dutch Dare that was posted during our little holiday, totally loved working with these photo’s from a fun park ! Check out what the rest of the girls did with our challenge : “A bow long bent at last waxes weak” (“De boog kan niet altijd gespannen zijn”).

10 thoughts on “We’re Baaaaaack !

  1. Look like you had a lot of summer fun most of the time, but what happened to that poor little guy? Hope it was nothing too serious and that he is feeling much better by now.Love your lo!


  2. Morning hun – sometimes we need more hours in a day to get everything done we want LOL Love the pics from your holiday and of course the LO is devine 😀


  3. Gooood morning and welcome back!!Sounds wonderful (well most of it, i don’t think i like the hospital bit), you layout rocks, the pics go so perfect with Corinne’s papers!


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