holiday update

So a lot of people asked how our holiday was so here’s an little story of the slingerland family going to turkey….

It was our most relaxing holiday in a long time (like say our first summer holiday abroad in about 3 years …), we never knew the climate would be so nice (even though it was 50 degrees celsius in the sun), that all inclusive would be so our thing (enough (healthy) food to choose from every day for the whole family), that a 5 star hotel would be so nice to stay in ( 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and even a tiny kitchenette and special beach towels).

Our flight went really well, the boys were so excited even though it was a late flight (Michael was a bit disappointed on the way to Turkey when he found out we didn’t bring his game computer along) they had plenty of sticker albums and magic books to keep them occupied.

Every day I tried to visit the beach but the boys couldn’t be bothered, they only wanted to go to the pool and preferably the large “wave” pool with the big waterslide ! They only really got bored of the kiddie pool/holiday the last 4 days. Colin wanted to go to his old home, with the fridge that the food comes out of …..LOL.

I booked a visit to the wellness centre for a scrub and 2 massages (fab !) and the first 4 days I went to the gym every day for a run and some weightlifting (arms only) and the second week I went every other day. I felt so fit at the end of the holiday, I was so proud LOL. Hoping to keep it up now ;).

Michael had an ear infection after 3 days into the holiday (a few of sleepless nights) and Colin the last 3 days (again a few …) and where Michael could do with some eardrops (2 kinds actually) Colin needed the full works so we were brought to a private clinic and he had to have an drip (with what our dutch doctor thinks prednison …) for a day and his infection cleared up superfast so we were able to make our flight the next day.

My abslolute favorite pics of the whole holiday are :


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