2 summer hotties

Just wanted to share these with you, they were made last weekend @ Colin’s Birthday bash:

I think we need to photoshop M’s pic to get the seatcushion out of there !

Oh and according to Elwira I rock, thanks Babe !

I think these chicks rock too :

Liek cause she’s my oldest and bestest friends, beautiful inside and out

Corinne cause she’s a fab scrapbooker, a great new friend and she’s soooo photogenic I hate her for it LOL.

Francine cause she is the best storyteller and Mom I know ( that last thing totally makes me want to be her !), thanks for inviting us into your life !

Florence cause she’s sweet, rocks at taking pic’s and is the fastest scrapbooker I know !

Oh and for those who are wondering where in the @#!&^ their RAK is, I’m still purging LOL. a few days ago I decided the bookcases/cupboards I bought for the scrapstudio are not working for me so I sold them and have already found some new (secondhand) Ivar ones and we’re putting them up (after a real good cleanup, they’re airing outside now) tommorow. Hopefully that will work better and I can finally get the mess sorted in there …… Maybe I’ll even show some pic’s …

12 thoughts on “2 summer hotties

  1. wat heb je toch 2 mooie kids! en thanks voor de rockin blogger girl ik zal het deze keer eens op mijn blog zetten want ik heb er al een stuk of 8 bwhahahaha!corinnexxx


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