some pics

During the holiday the boys and I have been visiting some friends since we have nothing better to do LOL. Last week I went to see Liek and spent some time in the park by her house and this week we went to see Francine. I only took pics over at the park with Liek as Francine and I were chatting away, we forgot …. (although Michael did take some pics you can check them out here)

And we had a house full of boys this weekend as my friend Martine was moving house, her sons came for a sleepover and had a blast !

Oh and I’ve been taking more pictures of myself to train myself to get more comfortable and here are some of my favorites;

Which is your favorite ? I had some without sunglasses but somehow they have disappeared 😦

5 thoughts on “some pics

  1. Wonderful pics. I like the same one as Revlie, but I also like the one on the left of the 2nd row. And you didn’t let the ones without sunglasses disappear on purpose, did you? :-))Enjoy your (scrap)weekend!


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