I’m a sucker for charity … If I had more funds I would spread it around over all the charities there are. But we have to make choices so we have a list of 5 charities that we are long time donors for; Aids fund, WNF, Greenpeace, Clini Clowns and Cancer fund. But I must say we can never resist someone who’s collecting for all the other charities that are out there that pass us by.

And because I love a good cause I wanted to make you aware, for those that have not heard about these 2 initiatives : {edited : make that 3 !}

Scrap-a-Little Sunshine
Scrapping cute mini albums for children with cancer, now who can resist that ? I have 2 free workshops scheduled for this cause on monday September 24th and Friday October 12th. If you’re interested you can email me to register for this.

Scrapping against Cancer
The Art Noevoo girls, a belgium scrap blog, are organising a day to raise funds for cancer on november 11th in Ekeren, Belgium. If it’s not too far out of your way and you’re in for a fun day then you should definately register for this Scrappen voor Kanker event !

A sisters Hope
I was waaaaaaaaaaay behind on a sweet and talented lady’s blog and it turns out she’s doing something wonderfull for cancer too. Monique Helfrich is walking the walk and has pledged to raise 1.500 euro’s through donations but also by organising all kinds of sales in her hometown tommorow. I wish her a lot of money so she can make the goal, I will surely be helping with this and will donate money in her name ….

So let your fingers do the typing or scrapping and donate or create but please do your part for cancer. We all know how important this cause is !!!

1 thought on “Charity

  1. They are such great initiatives! I’m supporting Monique too and she has used all her creativity to do even more than walk and is on a great fair tommorrow… Also want to scrap a little sunshine with friends soon 😉


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