What I’ve been up to ?

I’m totally digging sites like goodreads, facebook & hyves. And have been exploring facebook a lot these last few days.

I’ve been creative, wow finished 3 lo’s and making a bunch of cards with scraps I had left over.

Went to a creative market to sell some stuff, wasn’t a big suc6 but a learning experience (like check out the location and make sure the organizers promote it enough!)….

Have been giving a fab beginners scrapbooking workshop to enthousiastic scrappers to be.

My scrap studio is finally tidy, so this weekend I can get my admin up to speed and get cracking on those RAKS I promised centuries ago LOL.

Well that’s it really, so what have you all been up to ?

5 thoughts on “Wondering

  1. Bedankt voor je berichtje op m’n blog! Ik heb ook even lekker op de jouwe geneusd en gave dingen gezien (dat vilten gebakje… helemaal geweldig!), ook gelijk bij de dutch dares gekeken, wat een superlootjes staan er op!


  2. o, that’s no fun that it wasn’t a big suc6, but so you: take it positively :)and did you get my email about dates?and i’ve just been busy i guess with work aarrggh :(xoxo


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