This is been a turbulent month for MLS … A month of saying goodbyes, expressing gratitude but also a chance to reflect, change and new ideas for everyone.

Scraps is starting their own store in Gouda and we wish them lots of success with this !

Daphne is taking a little break with some time for herself and her mini me but not without a fun prenatal scrapafternoon for the dt.

Charlotte will be plunging herself into more schoolwork and Scrap!, we wish her lots of suc6 and of course we will be checking out your work there !

Monique is still rebuilding her new house but promises to give a housewarming party so we can admire her lovely Scraproom. We will be keeping her close though as a regular guestdesigner !

Francine will be plunging herself onto a adventure @ work with a new client and cannot help us out with our newsletter. A loss for us but luckily we do not have to miss her writing style as we can read, laugh and cry along with her on her blog.

Jo-Anne has a lot of great opportunities for workshops, ScapinStyle TV and within her job @ Nike that doesn’t give her enought time for MLS. We totally understand and don’t have to miss her too much as we all can check out SISTV, ask her as a guestdt every now and then and check out her blog (and since I’m a bff LOL I don’t have to miss her at all).

So that leaves a bit of a small dt that made the dutch dare this week, but they are still fab as usual. Here’s a sneakpeak of mine, lot’s of bling in this one !

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