So relaxed

Almost better from the flu … thank god but now Bubbah is ill poor guy …. I have to get better otherwise I cannot get the anti-flu injection. I asked the doctor if I could get it because I’m always in a bad state during the fall and winter. She agreed as long as I pay for it myself, and then we’ll have to see if it helps as unfortunately it’s not the sollution for everybody.

I’ve been so good in working towards my balance ! I’m up to speed with most of my admin, next up is preparing our taxes to go to the bookkeeper. Which is actually a good thing as they owe us …..

Things I’ve implemented to get that balance back were quite simple really, I finally figured out how my calender works on my mobile and set alarms for several things, like time to “leave the house to bring the boys to school” to insure we actually get there on time rather than letting me be distracted and leaving the house too late ….. Same thing for picking the boys up from school.

And another important thing a “Go to bed” alarm, now this may sound silly but I know you’ve all had that, you think oh I’ll go to bed in a bit and a bit later when you look at your clock it’s all of a sudden 1 or 2 hours later. Well this happens to me all the time, so engrossed with what I’m doing or want to finish and I go to bed way past my normal bedtime. Now I get a little reminder, finish what I’m doing and actually make it to bed by a reasonable time and can even read or just relax …. An easy fix as I feel much better instantly the next day since I just need a lot of sleep.

NO playdates for me on my day off from work but just another workday doing stuff for MLS which frees up my evening time to go to the gym (ahum i plan to anyway), get some household stuff sorted, spend time with Ed, make a date with a friend or just scrap ….

So by doing this for one week, I already feel much more relaxed, feel like I have my stuff sorted and actually have time tonight to work on my dutch dare, which most of the girls got done in time but not me. It’s a fun dare again, so check out what they made and I hope to show you something I did soon !

4 thoughts on “So relaxed

  1. Great to hear that you are finding your balance. I am still unbalanced..but hey so many stuffed changed…and since it’s all for the better i am still hoping that my balance will find me 😉


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